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Albany Film Screening – 6/22/12

If you’re around upstate New York next month the evening of the 22nd, please consider stopping by Capital Repertory Theatre in Albany, NY for a free screening of Pipe Down! featuring “Tip & Hurl” and produced by your humble blogger at that-a-way. The screening will be accompanied by Propov’s Surrealist “Awkshun”, which is either a magic trick or a fundraising trick! Hope to see you there.

More posts on the world of “Tip & Hurl” to follow.

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Slapstick Signage #6 & #7

Both from The Show (1922) and both pretty much sum up the narrative ingredients needed for for a seminal Semon short (Seminal Semon shorts? That can’t be right!): goo, wild animals, and explosives.

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