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Bookcover (or First Blogpost of 2013)!

The Wrong Trail (Cover)

Apologies for the 7-month gap to everyone that’s followed The Slapstick Linguist in the past. In addition to a brand new baby boy we welcomed just before September, I’ve been devoting hours and hours to what you see above.

“What do I see above?” you may very well ask yourself. Well, it’s a bookcover I designed, one that’ll be bound around a novel I’ve been writing since the week of Deepwater Horizon back in 2010 (Note: bookcovers take less time to design than novels do to write, but not by much; both don’t take as much as it does to plug a hole miles under the ocean).

That-a-way Film Company will be selling copies later this month. It’ll be available on our site, this blog, and Amazon, and at least a couple independent bookstores around the Capital Region.

Our hope is to sell enough copies of the novel to finance a feature film production, beginning hopefully this year.

So, look forward to some new regular posts this week, new That-a-way production-themed posts, and lookout for The Wrong Trail, a Cowstein & Bramblestamp novel.



p.s.: If any readers can impart any helpful tips on self-publishing, online distribution, or ebook marketing, please do send them along.

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