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Slapstick Signage #3

From "Good Night Nurse"

A Fatty Arbuckle short involving the literal mailing of a drunk socialite (right).

Viewing all these shorts for wordplay, a theme is emerging. Advertisements are shown as one or more of the following:

1) Harmful lies (see W.C. Fields, etc.)

2) Ineffective promises

3) Everywhere

So in the first example, ads are pernicious tricksters destined to befoul the proverbial sucker . In the second, they advocate hopeless wastes of one’s time. The third, ads are implied as innocuous at best and meaningless at worst; their very existence one to which we are always-already ignoring.

Our backs are turned:

Fatty lighting a cigarette in the rain in "Good Night Nurse"


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Buster Keaton’s Partner

From "Sherlock Jr."

Roscoe picked Buster. Then, liking that idea, Buster decided he’ll pick Buster too.

He was his own comic partner. Contra Chaplin, whose whole being is wrapped up in the fact that he’s lacks anyone who would consider the tramp their buddy.

Chaplin is un-wanted; Buster wants to want.

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