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Newest Slapstick Advocate: Google

– It’s Google Motion.

– [shrugs from the rest of the conference room]

– You know… To save time.

– [blank stares around the room, eyes blinking like drowsy owls]

It’s the latest from Google everybody. And it just might not work.

Also, they’re discriminating against southpaws again (if you look closely), of whom I am not but whom I’ve always and without the need for recognition looked out for.

So, the first half of the 20th century was clowning, the second half of the twentieth century was ergonomics. Now, for the first half of the twentieth century, we get this?:

Look how they even chose a bulgy-eyed Buster Keaton lookalike for their video tutorial.

Stop this Techfoolery. But really… Is this some kind of joke?

In W.C. Fields’s voice: “That’s the most hyper-active ‘working stiff’ I ever saw.”

Oh, so it is a joke. Ahhh-h-h-ha.


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