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Pipe Down! (2013)

That-a-way presents “Pipe Down!” – a two-act slapstick production starring Tip & Hurl, written, produced, photographed and edited by your humble blogger. For more info go to that-a-way.com/tip&hurl.htm

Enjoy the HD short film in its entirety!


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August 1, 2013 · 12:27 pm

Albany Film Screening – 6/22/12

If you’re around upstate New York next month the evening of the 22nd, please consider stopping by Capital Repertory Theatre in Albany, NY for a free screening of Pipe Down! featuring “Tip & Hurl” and produced by your humble blogger at that-a-way. The screening will be accompanied by Propov’s Surrealist “Awkshun”, which is either a magic trick or a fundraising trick! Hope to see you there.

More posts on the world of “Tip & Hurl” to follow.

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Harold Lloyd for Attorney General!

Since 2008, many Americans who pay attention to social trends have been baffled that those bank fraudsters and financial racketeers who turned public service pensions and middle-class retirement funds into yellow and pink Monopoly cash have managed to walk scotfreo from not just jail but from even being charged with a crime. Instead, police forces all across the country are wasting their time trying to keep people from peacefully voicing plain-Jane concerns in city streets – which is where people who can’t buy ad time go to get a message across because congested traffic has replaced the town square – performing round-em-up (at least here in Albany) like they’re cattle thieves.

That said, Harold Lloyd has a pretty interesting idea as to how to reroute all these misdirections of justice. This climactic chase from “From Hand to Mouth” presents the possibility that 2012 may be a year of righting wrongs:

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