Pangborn (adj; noun)


The terms FUBAR, Clusterf&@k, and WTF can be consolidated into a single signifier: Pangborn. Named so after the fussiest fusser who ever fussed, Franklin Pangborn, ex-Hal Roach, ex-W.C. Fields (above) and later, ex-Sturges. The man was cast in dozens of the world’s funniest films solely to look as like he’s being slowly encircled by loudly flatulating members of deeply moneyed families; everyone around him is socially rude, physically confusing, and morally upheld to know better.

This shit is totally Pangborn.

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  1. V..E.G.

    Franklin Pangborn is the extremely distant cousin of the newest hero in the United States, who gave his life saving a young girl in Florida, Alan B. Hall! Both Hall and Pangborn are direct descendants of Peter Pangborn (born in 1640).

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